10 Japanese Travel Tips for Visiting America

A few weeks ago I came across this article listing travel tips for Japanese people visiting America. I’ve always enjoyed guide books and articles on travel in America because it’s so interesting to see how my own culture is viewed through foreign eyes. Tips about how we appreciate a firm handshake and eye contact, value personal space and apparently, have weird rules about when it is acceptable to eat with our hands. However, out of anything I’ve ever read, this article takes the cake. Note to self: When I go to Japan, watch out for my “horse laugh”.


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Expat, traveler, and spicy food lover, I currently live in China where I'm studying for my master's degree!
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1 Response to 10 Japanese Travel Tips for Visiting America

  1. f4ischer says:

    If you have any questions about coming to visit or especially in Detroit, I can help…I live there but I travel a lot!!!


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