Saving Face and “THIS IS CHINA!!!” described by my AYC friend “Curl” who lives in Beilun, the beach town about a half-hour driving from me. While we attended different orientations it looks like we had a lot of the same inside jokes…. and I’m still laughing.

The Wandering Curl

So, as with any fabulous teaching program, there is always an orientation week that your dear Curl looks ever so forward to, mainly for the social aspect, but also for the inside joke between literally the entire orientation group. In Georgia the inside joke was basically: “remember that one time Tamara was on Survivor!” Let’s just say it spread around our orientation phase like wildfire, mainly because I love to ramble on about random facts I know, until the defining moment in which Tamara asked me how I found out she was on Survivor, the power of the YouTube my friend, the power of the YouTube. Seriously, YouTube people’s names and you’ll be surprised what shenanigans unfold in front of your very eyes. Anyways, I literally cannot stop talking about Georgia, it’s becoming a personal problem, China; the delightful inside jokes of China were all about (a) saving face and…

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Expat, traveler, and spicy food lover, I currently live in China where I'm studying for my master's degree!
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