Shuai Shuai: Homestay Visit


Last year, when I studied abroad with the Alliance for Global Education in Beijing, a few of the students opted to do a home stay. One of my classmates, Yoko, had a home stay with a 3-year-old host brother nick-named Shuai Shuai, or “handsome handsome”. She invited me and a few other people over for dinner one night to meet Shuai Shuai and the rest of the family.

This summer, the two of us went back to visit. We took a lot of pictures, played with Shuai Shuai in the play room and took a walk to Beijing Keji University. I used to always pass by Beijing Keji University’s north gate on the way to work, and I used to jokingly recite the automated bus stop information to people because it was so ridiculously long. Beijing Keji University North Gate was written without spaces as: ” Beijingkejidaxuebeimen”.


After wandering around BEIJINGKEJIDAXUEBEIMEN, we went out to lunch at a nice Chinese restaurant on campus.

Overall, it was a great afternoon, and I loved the fact that Shuai Shuai called me “jie jie” or “big sister”.

Check out the photo gallery and feel free to swoon over Shuai Shuai’s four-year-old cuteness.


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Expat, traveler, and spicy food lover, I currently live in China where I'm studying for my master's degree!
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