The Weirdest Things I Have Ever Eaten

I decided to make a list of the weirdest things I have ever eaten, along with a list of weird things I would like to try eating when I go back to China.

Leave a comment if you’ve ever eaten any of these things, or have a suggestion for something weird to try in China!

Here we go:

Fourth Grade: fried worms.

What can I say? I started young

Verdict: crispy 


Seoul, Korea: pink pickled soup

Verdict: strange and salty

pink soup


Seoul, Korea: white icy soup

Verdict: felt like someone threw a handful of snow in my soup.. and I still don’t know what those white chunks are

white icy soup


First full day in Beijing: Sea Cucumber

Verdict: chewy

sea cucumber


Wanfujing, Beijing: fried scorpions

Verdict: crunchy french fries



Beijing Hutongs: thousand year old egg

Verdict: look on people’s faces when you eat it > weird taste 

thousand year old eggWhat is a thousand year old egg you ask?:


Beijing Pizza Hut: popcorn chicken pizza

Verdict: a fast food lover’s dream

popcorn chicken pizza


Beijing Korean Restaurant: a whole octopus

Verdict: Wasn’t expecting that one! (We asked for a knife to break it up)



Beijing: chicken feet

Verdict: taste fine, but they still weird me out

chicken feet


Dali, Yunnan: breaded cow stomach

Verdict: not so great

breaded cow stomach


Lijiang, Yunnan: snails on a stick

Verdict: also chewy 



Shaxi, Yunnan: (Brain??) noodles (still not sure what it was)

Verdict: scariest looking meat I have ever seen, grossest meat I have ever eaten



Dunhuang, Gansu: donkey noodles

Verdict: like salty beef stroganoff sauce on plan spaghetti.. with tofu

Donkey noodles!!! -The white is tofu not donkey meat

The white is tofu not donkey meat


Kashgar, Xinjiang: pigeon kebab

Verdict: a lot of bones

pigeon kebab


Shanghai: shrimp flan

Verdict: really weird.. and not in a good way

shrimp flan


Everglades: frog legs and alligator bites!

Verdict: alligator > frog legs 

frog and alligator


Things I would like to try (or would NOT like to try but probably will):

Fried starfish




Stinky tofu

stinky tofu

blood tofu

blood tofu

I promise to take videos of me eating it Fear Factor style


About Richelle

Expat, traveler, and spicy food lover, I currently live in China where I'm studying for my master's degree!
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2 Responses to The Weirdest Things I Have Ever Eaten

  1. Good one! Makes me think of all the things I’ve tried in China.

    I’ve had the blood tofu before, probably just ate one piece. I don’t have a problem with the texture of plain white tofu, but blood tofu, well, not a fan.
    Stinky tofu – wasn’t very tasty but I remember it for mostly being too spicy and just not very fresh anymore (I blame that on the restaurant).
    Frog legs – I thought that those weren’t too bad, but I’ve heard these have to be spicy, otherwise they don’t taste good.
    Chicken feet – same verdict as yours, taste just like chicken, but it’s so hard to eat them with all the tiny bones (and the nails!).
    So you haven’t tried snake meat yet? Tried it once, was okay, not as bad as I thought it would be.
    We once had pig’s brain in a hot pot, I tried a little bit but that was already more than enough – I neither liked the taste nor the texture (obviously people do eat pig’s brain in certain areas in Austria too, have never tried it before though).
    The tousand year old eggs aren’t too bad imo if prepared well – but my husband says I should stay away from them because they are contaminated with heavy metals.
    That’s about all I can think of, I probably forget some things though.


  2. rgamlam says:

    Thanks for the suggestions! Would you recommend the fried snake on Wanfujing, or finding it in a restaurant?


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