Real Facts on China’s Pollution

Many of you have heard about the worsening air pollution quality in China. Here’s an article from the New York Times describing just how bad the air quality really is, and how it is affecting the lives of expats and citizens. While I will be in Beijing for the summer, a large part of my decision in choosing my top five cities for next year was escaping the suffocating air and traffic pollution that is present in many of China’s mega-cities and industrial centers. I’ll make sure to give you all a pollution update once I’m on the ground in Beijing, but for now, check out this article: Pollution is Radically Changing Childhood in China’s Cities.


Chemical Plant in XiangfanChina_pollution_AP971430398958_620x350

Huaibei, Anhui in January Extremely+high+pollution+levels+in+ChinaJanuary in Beijing


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