In and Around Campus

If I haven’t posted enough in the past day or so… BAM here’s another one.

Hot Water Palace!

Hot Water Palace! The building where Chinese students fill up their giant hot water bottles because there’s no hot water in the rooms. I decided it looks like a palace.


my favorite snack: Jasmine tea and watermellon- all for about $1

Let’s feed this stray cat a popsicle!

apparently cats like lime popsicles

Knockoff Ice Peak orange soda

One of my favorite meals in Xi’an! It’s called Mao Cai but I call it Ziji Hotpot (one person hotpot). It’s only $1!!!

A wedding at our “student only” hotel- typical


things you find while window shopping on Shi Da Lu

Best purchase of the day: knockoff Daisy perfume.

So I found a 4-day-old kitten

It’s eyes weren’t open yet

The motto of every Chinese girl: MORE is MORE

3-D panda outfit set. TAKE MY MONEY.

These are real glasses.

Harry Potter GLASSES??

So I got my nose pierced

About Richelle

Expat, traveler, and spicy food lover, I currently live in China where I'm studying for my master's degree!
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