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Stepping into Seoul

The plane ride on Korean Air was my first insight into Korean culture. The plane was surprisingly empty. There were two seats on either side of the windows and four seats across in the middle. Out of the four seats … Continue reading

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Sleepless in Seattle: 3 days till lift off

I’ve been in Seattle for over a month now and time is going slower than GW bannerweb on the day you have to register for classes- aka painfully slow. From New Years day on, it seemed like I would never … Continue reading

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My Master Plan

MWAHAHAHA! kidding… Since it’s snowing (more like slushing) in Seattle and I’m all cooped up inside reading about other people’s amazing study abroad adventures that have already begun, I decided that I should share my master plan to explore as … Continue reading


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Why China?

Why China? That’s a question I’ve gotten a lot in the past few months. Many people decide to further their Chinese language by studying abroad in China. So why take Chinese in the first place? That’s a better place to … Continue reading

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